About Us

Enrolling K-12 students STATEWIDE

Idaho Future Ready Academy (IFRA) is an online school that promotes parent choice in a virtual setting.

IFRA is accredited by Cognia.

Idaho Future Ready Academy delivers a personalized, student-directed education to help students grow and thrive. A virtual, free statewide public K-12 school powered by the Wilder School District, students attend from all across Idaho.

Are you ready for an education designed to address your child’s needs? If you are looking for an alternative to a system that holds your child back or moves too fast, Idaho Future Ready Academy could be for you and your child.

Idaho Future Ready Academy is a free, virtual statewide, public K-12 school powered by the Wilder School District, with students attending from all over Idaho.

 Idaho Future Ready Academy is unique because students follow their own personalized learning pathway as they master essential learning skills. Your student works at their own optimal pace, progressing based on their ability. That means if they don’t know the information, they go back and learn it again. If they have already mastered a concept, they move on.  

Students partner with their advisor to set the pace and direction for their learning in a way that works best for them. Students feel empowered to take charge of their education, making it fit their learning style. Because the curriculum is personalized, students love being more engaged and creative.

In addition to the benefits of tailored learning, students love Idaho Future Ready Academy because they feel like they finally found a school where they feel safe and are accepted for who they are. Instead of feeling like a number in a system, they are seen and cared for by teachers.

For students who don’t do well in a traditional school schedule, they especially appreciate that they can set their own schedule—“going” to school any time, from anywhere.  

As a parent, you will appreciate that you are a true partner with us in your student’s success. We will work together to ensure your child learns, grows, and leaves school future-ready. You will also like that with the smaller setting, your child will get the support they need, no matter where they are on their learning path.

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How It Works

Students work at their own pace, based on their ability, not exclusively by grade level or a designated number of hours they need to sit in a seat. In addition, students advance entirely based on their ability and knowledge, instead of all students progressing together.

Students go through an assessment process and are then placed in the spot they need to be so they are continually challenged, growing, and learning. Once they demonstrate that they understand a concept, they move forward, regardless of what time of year it is or how long they have spent studying a topic.  

Students benefit from a customizable schedule, small advisory groups, personalized time with a mentor, and a virtual learning lab. In addition, families get support from high-quality teachers and staff, access to learning resources and community events, school-provided devices if needed, and $250 per semester in reimbursements for technology and activities to enhance student learning. 

Although a virtual school, students have in-person opportunities throughout the school year. Monthly in-person labs are scheduled so students can meet and work with their teachers in person. In addition, near-monthly social enrichment events include museum visits and activities like skating.

Overview of Virtual Mastery

Great for Advanced Students

If your child is looking for more of a challenge, Idaho Future Ready Academy offers an alternative. Students here direct their own learning to fit their personal style and pace. They are freed from requirements to fill a seat for a certain amount of time, avoiding extra tedious assigned work that merely slows them down. As a result, they have the ability to create unique learning pathways that help them accomplish their goals. Students who like to move fast love that they can advance quickly and stay engaged.

The Fit

Great for Students Who Need More Support

If your child is struggling but the system keeps pushing them forward, despite not learning the information, Idaho Future Ready Academy offers another option. Students who need a more deliberate pace thrive here as they can focus on what they need to work on for longer, while also getting the extra support they need. As a result, when they master a concept, they feel successful and get a boost of confidence.

In addition, Idaho Future Ready Academy offers a robust special education program, as well as 504 support for students with disabilities. After an initial meeting where we discuss the needs and capabilities in an online setting, a plan for accommodations is created, which will be supported by qualified, trained special education staff.

Mastery Based Learning Explained

Mastery Based Learning for Your Child